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Welcome to Bulk2shred. We would first like to thank you for taking the time in visiting our site. Our purpose here is to help individuals find a balance within their weight management. Through our services of meal prepping we make dieting a smooth and enjoyable experience. This website was created to give some basic background information in regards to what our business is about. Enjoy!

Our prepping menu is packed with classic dishes we create from scratch. We focus on preparing a delicious and nutritious assortment of meals. From delicious breakfast to tasty salads, inspired entree, your recommended prepped meals will be one of a kind.

The main objective of Bulk2Shred is to help individuals find a balance within their weight management program. Through our recommended healthy eating regimen, we teach our clients how to shred unwanted fat and maintain their desired physique. We encourage positive behavioral changes, such as healthy eating, physical activity, all in hopes of changing lives.  


* We offer a recommended meal plan that is in correspondence to your weight. This plan comes with details and instructions on how to prep meals.

* We also offer a 28 day meal prep service in which we cook and prep your meals. 

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Feel free send us an email if there are any further questions. 

​Email: Bulk2shred@gmail.com

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